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Dorotimo About Me

This is a food blog. The intention as I embarked on this journey is to discover a passion through cooking my own meals, learning a new hobby in taking photography and writing about food. Still quite amateurish but getting there surely. I hope that through my sharing of food and other food-related information, it will inspire you in having a similar experience and adventure!

My name is MeePhang, from the Little Red Dot, that is Singapore. I spent a great part of my life in the corporate world, running the rat race and at the same time raising a family. Working in a corporate organization is intense and most of the time is in meeting timelines and key milestones. While I do enjoy my work immensely, work seemed to be my primary focus and little else. There is not enough time given to other pursuits in life. That is why I have taken the time off work to transition to my next season to pursue other areas of interests, and to be a blessing to others.

It was initially difficult to find a hobby or other passions after decades in corporate work. I felt my mind is blocked and there is little creativity juice left in my brain cells. When hit with the Covid-19 pandemic “circuit breaker” (or partial lockdown), my whole family were all working from home. It was then I decided to pursue a home-based hobby. Cooking as it is, turned out to be the best option for me to start my discovery process of a passion. At the same time, I can also serve my family who are all working from home. Read this and this for good reasons to have cooking as a hobby in case you like me is also looking for a purposeful pastime.

The recipes that I have adapted and documented in this Food blog are mainly recipes from other food blogs and cookbooks that I have personally researched upon and cooked with modifications. It is also my desire that these proven recipes that I have collected will be a good reference to many of you who is inclined to learn cooking as well.

Enjoy the journey !!