Learn to cook. Cooking is an interesting hobby for many reasons – Why choose cooking as a hobby? When we want to take up cooking as a hobby, we will have to learn all about cooking, that is, the types of cooking methods, how to shop for the ingredients, utensils, supplies that we need. Cooking is a useful hobby, not only that we all need to eat to fill our tummies every day but cooking has evolved along with the times.

There are many gadgets, appliances available in the markets to assist in our cooking. Healthy ways of cooking, “from Farm to Mouth” ingredients to help us achieve a healthier eating lifestyle. Create new flavors. There are many ways to combine ingredients to come out with a new dish. Surely all these attributes to plenty of scope for creativity. Home cooking has also in many ways improvised cooking as part of this creative process.

To Get Started

To start cooking is relatively easy as most of us have a kitchen at home. Not to worry if your kitchen is not well equipped with all the latest kitchen appliances or gadgets like the Thermomix or Instant Pot. You can add on any useful appliances and gadgets once you get the hang of cooking and enjoying it.

How and Where to Learn to Cook

Most of us learnt some sort of cooking from our mothers or cooks. Nowadays there are a lot of online resources that are available in the Internet. The amount of content is huge out there. You can learn from e-books, teaching videos, take online classes and try easy recipes. All of these normally comes with lots of Tips and Tricks on cooking.

One of most effective way to learn to cook is through trial and error. By this, we are better apt to remember the mistakes that we made and cook better the next time. By documenting our process, it steers us to think through how we can improve our cooking process and the taste. It is also essential to learn the basic skills required and how to handle the ingredients and know how to prepare the food before cooking. Definitely as you practice and try more recipes, your confidence will grow along with your skills.

Another useful way I find to learn to cook by joining in online Facebook Groups or Cooking Forums where people who are passionate about cooking gather virtually. Many people are doing a lot of home cooking due to the current COVID situation, and sharing a lot of cooking tips and recipes around in these Online Groups. Seeing how successful they are, motivates you further. Remember that birds of the same feathers flocked together.

Tips and Tricks to Make Cooking as a Beginner more exciting

Here are some of the tips that you can put to good use when you first start to learn to cook:

Commit to learning

  • Commit to cook regularly (for example, do one recipe a day) by setting a 30-day challenge. This will ensure that you set a discipline to learning

Choose your recipes

  • Choose about 30 easy, simple recipes. Try to stick to the recipes that you enjoy, simple enough to make and look awesome
  • Choose recipes that requires only 4-5 ingredients for a start
  • Spend time reading the recipes before you start cooking. This gives you an idea of the utensils and ingredients that is needed. Try to think through the process of cooking each one, visualize in your mind the dish and do any minor adjustments as you need, especially if you have any dietary requirements

Prepare and organize the ingredients

  • Place all specified ingredients onto a tray or basket. If you have missing ingredients, you may want to improvise or replace with other available ingredients
  • Measure all the ingredients ahead of cooking so that you will not be stressed out just because you forget to cut some veggies or pour in some sauces
  • Use fresh ingredients. As much as possible avoid processed food as you would not want to add on the sugar, salt, calories and fat into your dishes. Try to keep healthy

Use minimal cookware and utensils

  • Use minimal cookware and kitchen utensils. Make sure that your kitchen is not cluttered and make it difficult to cook

Spend time to improve

  • Get a good cook book or do some online research on cooking basics and techniques. Practice and acquire basic skills like knife skills.
  • Read up on topics on types of cooking, ingredients, kitchen utensils, food hygiene and preparation and nutrition. The information will help you to further improve and gain greater appreciation on the hobby
  • Keep on experimenting on new recipes

Enjoy the process

  • Enjoy the whole cooking process, from choosing the recipe to shopping for the ingredients, cutting, chopping and preparing the ingredients to cooking in the pan / oven and finally to serving the dish. Remember to take a good photo of your food!!

In short, the more you cook, the more you will form your own autonomy and creativity in the kitchen. As your skills in the kitchen gradually start to improve, you will become more comfortable with the seasoning, flavors and food pairing and able to adapt to the base-level recipe and find ways to make it better in your own way. This is what creativity is all about.

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